To ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience during sound meditations at the studio, we ask that you please follow the studio etiquette listed below:

  • Please arrive at least five minutes before the start of the sound meditation to make sure you have adequate time to fill out paper work, find a spot and settle in.
  • We begin promptly at the listed start times, and the front door will be locked at the class start time. If you arrive after the class start time, you will not be able to enter the studio, and money will not be refunded. This is to avoid disrupting guests and the instructor during the meditation. I always try to respect other people’s schedules and time ensuring we start and finish on time. It is your responsibility to arrive on time or early.
  • We have a 24-hour cancellation Policy. When you purchase your spot you are agreeing to this (you can view under Terms & conditions). For absolutely no reason will any refunds be permitted after this time. If you need to cancel your reservation or wish to be refunded, you must do so 24 hours or more from the class start time.
  • Please make sure all cell phones are on silent or turned off before entering the sound meditation.
  • Please leave your cell phone in the lobby and not in the meditation room. Photos of the studio are permitted and encouraged but please take them before or after class.
  • During meditations, please avoid tossing and turning when possible to prevent disrupting other clients seated near you.
  • Please use the restroom before or after meditations when possible. Opening and closing doors during meditations is extremely disruptive to everyone in the room.
  • If you feel like you may fall asleep during the meditation (which is totally fine!), please turn on to your side to avoid loud or disruptive snoring that may affect the experience of others in the room.
  • There is a restroom for changing. If you need to change, please plan to arrive early to give yourself enough time.