As humans we are close to 80% water and sound travels four times faster in water. In this one-on-one session tuning forks vibrating at various planetary frequencies creating rejuvenating sounds are placed at specific points on the body to help increase vitality and restore balance to your whole being. A blend of acupressure points and points for your specific needs at the time of your visit are utilized for this “acoustic acupuncture” session.

To complete your session, Tibetan singing bowls, elfin chimes and a monochord are played on and around your body to guide you into a deep full-body meditation and allow the sound to fully flow throughout your physical and energetic body.

While a single session can be highly beneficial, each session builds upon the last, so a series of sessions over a few weeks or months repeated are recommended for optimal results. At the time of your visit, a treatment plan will be suggested and packages are available.

Time will be reserved at the end of each session to discuss
insights and tools for enhanced relaxation and stress
management in your day-to-day life. Each session is tailored
to your unique needs at the time of your visit.

This session can be a wonderful way to:

  • Help to increase overall energy levels
  • Assist with decreasing inflammation
  • Aid in stress reduction
  • Help with injury recovery and sore muscles
  • Enhance creative energy
  • Create new thinking patterns
  • Help to clear and release old patterns and beliefs no longer serving you
  • Aid in soothing emotional upsets or life transitions
  • Help to access inner wisdom
  • Assist in balancing energy centers

60 minute Session – $125
Please contact me to schedule your private session