Anatomy Redefined is a studio for sound healing in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood. The private sessions and small group classes offer a unique and deeply effective approach to helping you relax, re-harmonize and re-connect. Blending soothing sounds from therapeutic instruments with a holistic approach to self-care, you will be taken on a journey to help discover inner-peace.

The studio itself is a sensory journey offering an escape from the stresses of daily life. Enjoy a group sound meditation, private tuning fork session, sound immersion, private event or studio rental to help you redefine your mind-body connection.


Sound is a powerful tool to care for yourself physically AND energetically. It has been used for thousands of years all over the world, and is one of the oldest tools for healing. Often, we spend so much time caring for only our physical body that we forget our energetic field and wonder why we are stressed, anxious or exhausted.

Modern science has proven everything is always in a state of vibration. Within the human body, different organs, bones etc. are each vibrating at a specific rate, that together create your own resonant frequency. When you’re in a state of health and vitality, you are actually vibrating at a specific rate. When you become stressed, sick or simply feel out of balance, your frequency changes, literally causing internal and external dis-harmony. Through the use of sound, your body works to re-balance and re-harmonize itself.

The music of therapeutic instruments used at Anatomy Redefined including planetary gongs, quartz crystal singing bowls, and the monochord are especially helpful at soothing a busy mind. In our modern world full of noise and stimulation, it can be very difficult to abruptly bring the mind into a silent room and expect to quickly achieve meditative states or even relaxation. More often than not, the mind ends up in circles especially for new meditators.

In sound meditation, the palpable vibration of the instruments played gives the mind something to focus on, naturally and gently easing you into meditative states. Sound meditation and the use of sound can be a powerful tool for stress reduction, deep relaxation, enhancing creativity, gaining insights into life’s questions, uplifting your spirit, balancing your energy field, expanding consciousness and so much more.


  • group sound meditation
  • private sound immersion
  • private tuning fork session
  • private events
  • studio rental